Telephone & Broadband Communication Solutions

Fixmyline specialise in offering tailored 4G broadband and WiFi solutions to residential and business customers. If you require a telephone engineer or broadband engineer we cover Kent, Essex and East Sussex.


Local Telephone Engineer

If you have slow broadband, intermittent broadband, patchy WiFi or even WiFi dead spots then give us a call or use our contact form for a no obligation quotation. We can simply move your BT master socket to a more centralised location to enhance your Wi-Fi experience. Also, if your internal BT cable is faulty Fixmyline can repair this for you without the hefty call out charge your service provider will charge you.

We can also cater for your CAT5 or CAT6 connectivity requirements and are fully equipped to survey and offer connectivity solutions should you be moving office.

4G Superfast Broadband Solutions

An Ideal solution for slow broadband. 4G home broadband is an internet service that uses 4G rather than a fixed line .

WiFi Solutions

Don’t put up with Slow WiFi or WiFi dead spots in your home. There are several solutions to improving the WiFi and broadband speed in your home.

5G Superfast Broadband Solutions

Get yourself connected to the fastest possible mobile broadband speeds with Fixmyline.


Some devices perform best when connected to a wired network. New installation or reconfigure?

telephone engineer

Telephone socket relocation

If your BT socket is in an inconvenient location or you are having renovations then Fixmyline’s telephone engineer can help by safely moving the socket.

Poor WiFi in a Rural location?

Superfast 4G Broadband Could Help!

Not every home has the luxury of fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) services so with 4G broadband utilising a high gain antenna you can receive speeds that suit today’s wants and needs. Even if your mobile phone has little or no signal we will find it! We even have a new super high gain antenna that will latch on to the weakest signal to get you up and running within 5 working days!

Ditch the Landline
Most people don’t even know their own landline telephone number let alone use it. With most mobile telephones these days coming with unlimited minutes there really isn’t the need. Why pay for something you don’t use… Ditch the landline and opt for a robust, superfast and flexible broadband package that will keep you ahead of the curve!


A portable and more affordable alternative to regular broadband

4G broadband in essence is just like the regular broadband found in most homes but with a few key differences. With 4G you still getting a steady internet connection, you can connect all of your devices all for a competeive monthly fee.


Just like your mobile phone but better!

This means you don’t need a traditional phone line, there is no messy internal cabling and you can take it with you if you need connectivity out of your home.

Flexible, fast internet and quick to install.

Local Wi-Fi & Broadband Engineer

The term Wifi Engineer or Broadband Engineer on the surface seem to be the same thing right? How often do you see a coffee shop advertising free WiFi – But technically they’re not the same. WiFi is the media of transmission of Broadband as a service whereas Broadband is the service before WiFi transmits it. You may need a Wifi Engineer as much as you need a Broadband engineer along with needing a Telephone Engineer.

If you require a wifi engineer in Kent, Essex or East Sussex then you have come to the right place. We are experienced telecoms engineers and can provide you a local wifi engineer within 24 hours. Do you have WiFi dead spots, hard to reach areas in your home or business then lets discuss your options and offer you the tailored service at competitive prices. Use our contact form to request more information or arrange a call back or call 01322 761051.

Wi-Fi deadspots around your home?

If you have Slow WiFi or WiFi dead spots this product is definitely for you. Most basic routers supplied by your internet service provider can just about cover a standard 3 bed house, but in the far to reach rooms the slow broadband signal starts to falter and before you know it you are eating up your mobile data allowance. Not to mention the garden, but why should you settle for anything less than WiFi throughout your home, in your loft extension and way into your garden. Starting at Β£265 for a 3 node installation you will be amazed at how far the WiFi actually reaches.

Remote Access

There are times when you need some instant assistance, like checking over some settings on your PC or on your home router. We can even connect direct to your tablet or mobile phone! If you are connected to the internet Fixmyline can connect with you in seconds, and you can see exactly what we are doing and how we are doing it. There’s no security risk, as you have to accept the remote invitation to connect once you have downloaded the access tool. And once the session has ended we can not see or access your PC/tablet or phone. Here are some benefits of our first line remote access troubleshooting session.


Identify if any updates are available for your PC


Instant speed check and review of the results


Able to remotely access your smartphone or tablet for speed related issues


Identify the maxium attainable speed of the line


Update your DNS settings potentially speeding up web page loading


Update your router settings for any VoIP related call quality issues