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Fixmyline will only use qualified ex BT telephone engineers.

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Fixmyline will only use qualified ex BT telephone engineers. The BT training course is a well drilled process and you actually feel like you have learned a craft upon course completion. This picture is not a stock photo but my actual photo during the 4 day pole climbing training.

As good as this training is and I can’t speak highly enough of it, this is just a small piece of the jigsaw that we will hopefully be providing you with, a telecoms solution for your home or business. As an ex BT engineer I have gained invaluable experience since I left to pursue my career – of which has seen my roles range from hands on technical with BT and a bit more tekkie with Sky Network Services and 2 Operational Management roles reporting in at Director level. This helped me with a fantastic understanding of how businesses work and I now know what to do and definitely what not to do as a direct result.

I pride myself on honesty and integrity and with that you can be confident that if I attend your service call or one of my other carefully selected engineers attends, you can rest assured we will give you the very best service there is. Ex BT trained Engineers will certainly fix your line, or offer you a succinct wifi solution and give you every confidence that what ever your frustrations are regarding your wifi experience, we are the ones to resolve them. 

Covering Kent, Essex, Herts & Beds this is just the start of Fixmyline. We have lots more in the pipeline and can already offer you the following services

 Ex BT Engineer- Telecoms Engineer

Telephone Line provision

Broadband Provision


Leased line quotations

Hosted VoIP solutions using the very best suppliers on the market today. 

Wi-FI Mesh whole home Wi-Fi soluitons.

4G LTE Broadband for business continuity

4G LTE Broadband for Rural locations offering fibre optic speeds.

Assistance with Goverment grants for areas that fall below 2mbps. You could receive up to 350.00 GBP  to put towards a 4G LTE solution.

Being an Ex BT Engineer is great, being a telecoms engineering solutions provider is amazing. We can be your 1 stop shop for all your telecommunications requirements. We can also offer IT support for a full end to end telecoms experience. 

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