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If you have slow broadband or Wi-Fi, patchy WiFi or WiFi dead spots then give us a call or use our contact form for more information.

Why not use our data cabling soluiton to transform and increase your home or business wireless footprint. We use  high quality data cabling giving you superfast Wi-Fi coverage in all rooms.

Call now to speak to a Wi-Fi Specialist and we can discuss your requirements.

We specialise in –  4G Rural Broadband, Wi-Fi Distribution, Ex BT Engineer services like moving your telephone socket and data cabling.

Fixmyline can have an engineer visit you in Maidstone to carry out simple tasks like relocating a telephone socket, within days. For more complex issues like Poor Wi-Fi, Getting Wi-Fi to a garden building or out building then we can drop in fro a quick survey to discuss the options available to you.

We cover all aspects of telecommunicaiton issues, so if you need a local telephone engineer, a Wi-Fi Expert, Data cabling in your area then you have come to the right place. 

Our services page will offer a little more detail or simply head over to our contact page where you can obtain our email address or use the contact form.

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We have more than 20 years telecommunications experience giving you the peace of mind that we will be able to attend to all your telecoms needs. 

If there is a fault on the wiring inside your home or business – causing broadband or telephone issues then unfortunately this is deemed to be your responsibility. Speak to your service provider first, as they can run line checks to identify if any issues are on their network. If they do not identify an issue via the line check they will advise that if an engineer is then sent then you will be charged Openreach rates to fix the fault. However if you then seek an independant telephone engineer via Fixmyline and we attend to your fault which is then in turn identified to be an external issue we will provide a full report for you to reclaim our engineer visit fee. 

Fixmyline offer the same service as Openreach, just more focused on your needs offering a more personal/consultative approach. From relocating your master socket to fault finding your WiFi issues we are confident that we can help fix any problem that may cause your fault. 

Available in Maidstone Kent and all surrounding areas.

WiFi Engineer Maidstone

If you require a WiFi engineer in Maidstone or surrounding areas then you have come to the right place. We are experienced telecoms engineers and can provide you a local WiFi engineer in Maidstone within 24-48 hours. Do you have WiFi dead spots, hard to reach areas in your home or business then lets discus your options and offer you the tailored service at competitive prices. Use our contact from to request more information or arrange a call back or
call us on 01322 761051.


Superfast Rural 4G Broadband | Maidstone

Fixmyline can now offer Superfast Broadband to rural areas of Maidstone Kent, even with little or no 4G signal.

With our specially sourced and tested high gain external antenna our service is unrivalled and with speeds from 20mbps up to 90mbps. Not only that, we can boast a staggering superior upstream speed from 15mbps to 30mbps, ideal for home working, cloud file sharing, video conferencing, so many more benefits to mention. You will be amazed at the simultaneous functions you and all your family can experience together.

Not only is this a huge boost for residents in Maidstone, Businesses can also benefit from this service as well. 

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