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The main culprit for slow home broadband are too many telephone sockets, which also causes intermittent broadband. If you are based in Kent, Essex, East Sussex call us now or use the contact form for a no obligation review and quotation.

We do a lot more than just shift sockets! read on to see what else we can do for you.

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Phone point relocation

If your main ‘BT’ socket is in an inconvenient location or you are having renovations then a Fixmyline engineer can help by safely moving the socket. The main phone socket is your link to the outside world and needs careful attention to avoid creating any other issues.

Additional phone point installation

if you require an extension from you main phone socket or an additional one, then a Fixmyline engineer will be able to assist. It may be that there are other cabling or wireless solutions that would be more appropriate. Contact us to have a chat through what you need and get some free advice.

Home Networking

With the growing need from users and devices for broadband in the home, you may need to share access with different computers and devices. From CCTV to secure home working, Fixmyline can install small networks that will link your computers through structured cabling and WiFi to your main router, allowing everyone to connect all at the same time.

Thinking of removing old telephone sockets?

Before you decide to remove ay old sockets we can come to your home and survey what you have.

If you wish to keep existing sockets for future usage then we can discuss that with you, however it is best practice (if possible) to only have 1 master socket as this makes for a more robust connection to ensure you receive the fastest broadband speed from your provider.

Home WiFi Solutions

Is your WiFi reaching around your entire home?
If you have Slow WiFi or WiFi dead spots this product is definitely for you. Most basic routers supplied by your internet service provider can just about cover a standard 3 bed house, but in the far to reach rooms the slow broadband signal starts to falter and before you know it you are eating up your mobile data allowance. Not to mention the garden, but why should you settle for anything less than WiFi throughout your home, in your loft extension and way out into your garden.
What is MESH WifI?

Starting at £265 for a 3 node installation you will be amazed at how far MESH WiFi actually reaches.

Even if you have a home, Bed & Breakfast or small guest house that has 5 bedrooms or more that doesn’t put this product in the shade. The Mesh WiFi we provide can extend and fully cover a property well in excess of 18’000sq ft with up to 9 nodes strategically located throughout giving you one network WiFi.

Mesh WiFi has far too many benefits to list but the most important is its coverage, but not to mention you could connect up to 30 wireless devices simultainiously to each individual node. Meaning in a 3 node installation you could connect up to 90 devices.

Want WiFi without any hassle?
Tell us a bit about your home and WiFi needs and the places you are not getting any service, both indoors and out. Then we’ll put together the perfect setup that’ll provide your home with great coverage and teenager approved speeds.
What about WiFi Security?

The Fixmyline mesh Wi-Fi systems allow high level and simple security with an easy-to-use smartphone app. This app makes it simple for any approved users to do things like change WiFi passwords, guest access codes, and make sure security updates are being installed. Our MESH WIFi even has easy-to-use parental control features, which can make access the internet a safer place for kids.

Garden Building WIFI Solutions

How to get WiFi to a Garden Building or outhouse

If you are one of the many now enjoying more flexible working from home and have a converted office space from a shed or a brand new outbuilding then you’ll need really good WiFi to keep you online.

In most cases, the Wi-Fi signal from your broadband router in your home won’t be strong enough to reach your location. You could use an extender or meshed system.

What will really make a difference is a point to point connection. No long cable running through your flower beds and really good stable speeds is what we’ll provide.

What is point to point wifi?

For connecting a garden building to your braodband network for distances over 100m, a point to point link is recomended.  

A point-to-point Wi-Fi link connects your router to a Wi-Fi access point in the garden building. A connector and receiver are positioned within line of site of your outbuilding. Usually they are mounted on an external wall and pointed in the direction of the outbuilding. The receiver on the garden building then receives the signal via Wi-Fi and transfers it to a wireless access point. This then allows you to get the fastest possible WiFi connection speed.

Ultra reliable in transmiting a WiFi signal over long distances, a point to point connection is the best solution for fast WiFi.

Beam your wifi up to 5km

If you need to extend broadband even further then we have a solution which uses point to point technology for up to 5km!

Using the best technology, Fixmyline can install point to point solutions for farms, holiday parks, really big gardens and campus locations. Get high quality broadband no matter the distance between your buildings. Call us to arrange a survey on 01322 761051

4G Broadband Solutions

Is your broadband too slow?
Not every home has the luxury of fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) services so with 4G broadband utilising a high gain antenna you can receive speeds that suit today’s wants and needs. Even if your mobile phone has little or no signal we will find it!
Do you live in a rural location?
4G broadband in essence is just like the regular broadband found in most homes but with a few key differences. With 4G you still getting a steady internet connection, you can connect all of your devices all for a competitive monthly fee.
Do you have an out of date service?
Still struggling with slow broadband speeds using your phone line? Waiting for a faster service to be rolled out? 4G broadband can give you faster speeds now. Why wait for BT to roll out services to you when you have have superfast broadband available to you right now. Contact us to find out how to improve your broadband speeds.
Ditch the landline
Most people don’t even know their own landline telephone number let alone use it. With most mobile telephones these days coming with unlimited minutes there really isn’t the need. Why pay for something you don’t use… Ditch the landline and opt for a robust, superfast and flexible broadband package that will keep you connected with faster speeds.


Why structured cabling?
Wireless is perfect for most devices that only need short burst of data. For some devices however, they require more continued capacity. This is where the capability of cabled networking comes in. To prevent overcrowding on your network maybe CAT6 is the right option to choose.

Switched networking also avoids capacity problems for data hungry devices and applications, with each device capable of receiving its full bandwidth without an adverse impact other devices on the network.

High Quality Expertese
We have an in-depth knowledge of data cabling and have carried out major scale network cable wiring for businesses. We have worked on a variety of different commercial and industrial premises. So we can promise you attention to detail for your home of office cabling requirements.
Copper or Fibre?
When planning your network cable installation, you have two basic choices; copper or fibre. Both offer superior data transmission. The decision on which one to use depends on your current network, your future networking needs, and your applications, including bandwith, distances, environment, cost and more.

5G Broadband

Is your broadband too slow?

Not every home has the luxury of fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) services so with 5G broadband utilising a high gain antenna you can receive speeds that suit today’s wants and needs. Even if your mobile phone has little or no signal we will find it!

Do you live in a rural location?

5G Broadand hasnt yet expanded to many rural areas as yet. Mostly down to infrastructure requirements to broadcast the signal. 5G cellular signals do not travel as far as 4G so more cell towers are required.

Keep in contact with us as technology is fast moving so we may have something in the pipeline. You can also check this website and enter your postcode to see if 5G Broadband is available.


Do you have an out of date service?

Still struggling with slow broadband speeds using your phone line or legacy sattelite broadband systems? Waiting for a faster service to be rolled out? 5G broadband can give you faster speeds. Why wait for BT to roll out services to you when you have have superfast broadband available to you 

Give us a call or leave us a messsage to discuss your requirements.


Ditch the landline

Hosted VoIP will replace your old telephone line as you know it. Check out our blog to see how this may impact you – you havent long, in 2025 BT are switching off the anologue system!


What is making my WiFi slow?

What is 4G Broadband?

Looking for something else?

If you require a wifi engineer in Kent, Essex or East Sussex then you have come to the right place. We are experienced telecoms engineers and can provide you a local wifi engineer within 24 hours. We can also help with the following:

  • Noisy Line Faults
  • Upgrading internal or external BT Cabling
  • Simple Alterations to your Wiring
  • Removal of Unused Cable
  • VoIP Troubleshooting

Looking for a faster broadband connection?