Rural 4G Broadband In Kent

4G broadband can be the perfect solution for you if you have a slow broadband connection or you live in a rural location.

We have countless clients in the southeast of England enjoying superfast 4G Broadband. Although FTTP is becomming more common there are still many rural locations that suffer with very slow ADSL.

Our 4G solution comprises of a small high gain antenna placed on your property in the direction of a local cell tower. We place external grade – high quality category 6 data cable from the antenna into your home. Then, we simply place a wireless access point in a convenient location and you use the system like you would any normal broadband service.

We can also cater for increasing your Wi-Fi footprint, so if you have rooms with poor Wi-Fi or no Wi-Fi we can easily fix that too!


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We now also have a 5G solution, so please get in contact for more details

How does 4g broadband work? >

Why Choose 4g broadband?

Is your broadband too slow?

Not every home has the luxury of fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) services so with 4G broadband utilising a high gain antenna you can receive speeds that suit today’s wants and needs. Even if your mobile phone has little or no signal we will find it!

Do you live in a rural location?

4G broadband in essence is just like the regular broadband found in most homes but with a few key differences. With 4G you still getting a steady internet connection, you can connect all of your devices all for a competitive monthly fee.

Do you have an out of date service?

Still struggling with slow broadband speeds using your phone line. Waiting for a faster service to be rolled out? 4G broadbandcan give you faster speeds now. Why wait for BT to roll out services to you when you have have superfast broadband available to you right now. Contact us to find out how to improve your broadband speeds.

Ditch the landline

Most people don’t even know their own landline telephone number let alone use it. With most mobile telephones these days coming with unlimited minutes there really isn’t the need. Why pay for something you don’t use… Ditch the landline and opt for a robust, superfast and flexible broadband package that will keep you connected with faster speeds.


Why wait? Get yourself superfast 4G broadband in as little as 5 days without any digging from the street to your premises.


It should go without saying but everyone expects to have unlimited access to data and thats exactly what you’ll get with Fixmyline.


You may not know it but 4G speeds really are super fast. The average home needs more bandwidth and Fixmyline will deliver.

Network Management

Manage your network directly from your phone or laptop. Change passwords and block unwanted devices from connecting.

How does 4g broadband work?

4G broadband can be the perfect solution for you if you have a slow broadband connection or you live in a rural location. Here is a interactive graphic to make understanding 4G broadband a breeze.

4g broadband explained

Cell Tower

This is where the original signal is given and picked up by recievers everywhere


4G Antenna

To pick up the 4G signal in the strongest possible way, we will typically install a 4G antenna on the side of your house.



The router will then pick up the signal from the antenna and spread a superfast WiFi signal to all your smart devices.

Fixmyline have no control over the strength or availability of the 4G mobile signal as this is provided by your mobile provider. User Peak Times, Network Updates or Cell Tower failures can have a significant impact on upload speeds, download speeds and latency, so please bear this in mind.

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