Mobile Signal Booster

All Networks!

Mobile Signal Booster for All Networks – covering 600 sq.m and upwards

Do you suffer with dropping calls or the annoying switch between Wi-Fi Calling and Mobile signal?
Do you scramble for the room with the best signal when the phone rings?
Do you have to take to the garden to make a call to ensure call consistency?
Do you want full bars of signal in your home or business with increased 4G data speeds?

Then you need a Mobile Signal Booster

Mobile signal boosters simply amplify the external mobile signal via a small external antenna, then via coaxial cable into your property into an internal booster to deliver calls and data into your home with full bars of signal quality!

How does a Mobile Signal Booster work?

Why Choose a Mobile Signal Booster?

Do you suffer with dropped calls or no mobile signal?
Sometimes the cellular signal from your local cell tower cant penetrate thick walls or walls with extra insulation. In such cases you can usually rely on Wi-Fi calling. However not many people are aware of this technology which utilises your home broadband over Wi-Fi to make calls, but equally if your broadband is slow or has high utilisation you can unearth even more problems with call quality causing you more stress!

A Mobile signal booster collects the best cellular signal from outside your home or business and pipes it in via a coaxial cable. Eliminating the resistance of getting through thick walls delivering a clear robust mobile signal with full bars of coverage.

Exciting new features
To ensure that we adhere to OfCom regulation there are now features that reduce localised interference, and also reduce congestion with a simple sleep mode which is automatically activated after a period of inactivity. Fear not, the system is waiting for the next inbound call, the next request for data or the next text message which instantly awakens the system.

The additional benefit of a cellular signal booster is that text messages are delivered too! Unlike Wi-Fi calling where only calls are made & received over a broadband conneciton. Your phone will work with the booster exactly as it does in the open air, but inside with full bars of signal strength.

flexibility and scalability
Once the external antenna is set in place and the booster secured we will then install the internal transmitter. If you decide to move, you can take the system with you. If you decide to extend the property you can add more internal transmitters. If technology advances and a faster cellular signal is introduced we can simply upgrade the hardware.


From order to delivery usually within 10 working days.

Works with most Main Providers

BT, EE, GifGaf, o2, Three, Virgin – works with all networks all of the time!

Recent OfCom Regulation changes as of July 2022 means signal boosters can boost more than 1 provider at a time.

Boost Data Speed

You will also see an improvement in your mobile data speed. This is because the resistance through walls or wall insulation is removed as the antenna sits outside your property. Boosting faster cellular speeds along with your clear uninterupted calls

the key to remote working

With todays changing work dynamics, either being in the office or working from home your phone needs to be available at all times.

All text messages, all data and uninterrupted calls will make the working from home experience that little more comfotable.



How do mobile signal boosters work?

The 2G, 3G & 4G cellular signal from your local cell tower emits a radio frequency ranging from 700MHz up to 3800MHz. This frequency is received by the antenna outside your building and pumped into the property – into a booster, then in turn onto the internal transmitter.

Your mobile phone automatically picks up the strongest cellular frequencies so you will not need to do anyting, no logging into a new Wi-Fi, just open your phone and you will automatically get full bars of signal for calls, texts and data.

4g broadband explained

Cell Tower

This is where the service provider signal is transmitted and received


4G External Antenna

To pick up the 4G signal in the strongest possible way, we will typically install a 4G antenna on the side of your home or business.



The transmitter will then broadcast the signal from the antenna/booster and spread a clear cellular signal to all your smart devices.

Fixmyline have no control over the strength or availability of the 4G mobile signal as this is provided by your mobile provider. User Peak Times, Network Updates or Cell Tower failures can have a significant impact on upload speeds, download speeds and latency, so please bear this in mind.

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