In 2014, BT published that 90 million wi-fi gadgets were sold.

Wi-Fi has changed the way we all use our gadgets, to access the internet. You can use your laptop on the sofa, in bed or even in the garden (maybe…).

Another great thing about Wi-Fi is that multiple people can use the internet at the same time, in a standard household up to 4 people can be pulling data from the internet simultaneously. Not forgetting our SMART TV’s or our Sky box on demand services that also utilise our bandwidth.

However you may find there are places in your home that your Wi-Fi signal doesn’t reach, or the signal is very weak.

I can help you. I have tools to detect Wi-Fi strength around your home, I have testers to check your internal wiring and I can move the location of your router to best fit your family needs.

Get in contact now if your kids, or your visiting mum and dad are complaining they can’t get Wi-Fi in their bedroom. It could be as simple as moving your router to a more central location by simply relocating your telephone socket. Or you may live in a large property where wifi will never reach the out house at the end of the garden. If that’s the case then I can still help. There are devices that can increase your wifi capability indefinitely. Distance no boundary, as if the main router was right beside you.

Call, email or visit my website for further information.

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