So you have moved to the country, and the last thing on your mind was the availability of superfast broadband. However, up to 17% of Brits decided against moving to the countryside for fear of poor broadband.

But fear not – ditch the idea of Satellite Broadband, it’s pretty flimsy when it comes to rainy days and bad weather – plus your speed is limited with a measly ‘up to’ 20mbps – that’s in an ideal scenario. Superfast 4G Broadband can deliver speeds up to 60mbps, dependent on the local mast you can in some instances get up to 90mbps.

Not only that, your upstream speeds are significantly higher too – our most recent installation saw our high gain external antenna help achieve a staggering 42mbps down and 32mbps up. So if you are sending large files, uploading video or using cloud services you will be amazed at how fast you can send documents from your device. Alongside a superfast downstream speed to deal with Streaming, gaming, Spotify or video conferencing you will soon forget you are transferring files safely and securely through the airwaves.img-3

Fixmyline is providing connectivity broadband solutions to many rural areas and other ‘not-spots’ in conjunction with EE, the UK largest 4G data network. Fixmyline 4G Broadband Solution is able to reach even extremely remote and rural places and delivers superfast broadband speeds. Fixmyline use high spec hardware that can connect you to EE’s 4G data network even when mobile devices have no reception at all. Superfast broadband speeds are even available in areas where EE state there is no 4G coverage.

A recent Fixmyline customer contacted us to ask if there was an alternative to traditional broadband at a property he recently purchased and was about to move into. All we needed was a postcode and we instantly said yes we can deliver you a superfast broadband connection via 4g. His neighbour was using traditional methods to get online and without the availability of fibre services the max speed available was just 5mbps. Although that may be OK for many users our client needed something a little faster. So how long does this take to order/provision/install? From ordering to installation 5 days!

So, the kit was delivered to Fixmyline the day before the installation – on time, sim activated and ready to go. Prior to the Fixmyline site visit we obtained the local Cell Mast information to be in a position of strength to offer alternatives should there be an obstacle for the positioning of the out door unit. And true to form the suggested Mast was blocked by a farmers shed. So with plan B firmly in play, Mast 2 was located, the Out Door Unit was connected to the router and a test was performed.

Further consultation with the customer was required and we all agreed on the location of where the high gain antenna was to be placed. Firmly in the ‘but cheeks’ of the property (this was the clients words not ours) – take a look for yourselves.


From the out door unit we simply install external grade Cat5e to the router and the way you access superfast broadband is as you would normally use traditional broadband. Simply look for the network name on your smartphone or laptop and connect to the router.

For further information from Fixmyline please either call 01322 761051 or email or visit our website where you will find a contact form to alert us you want more information.

We offer a no obligation review and a call to us will cost you nothing. We will even offer a free survey to detail your actual superfast broadband speeds…

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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