The internet as we know it is delivered by wires from a wooden telegraph pole or via the underground network and connected to our homes and businesses by copper cables. From order to installation can take approximately 10 working days.

Back in the old days…

Today we can access broadband via a plethora of different solutions. Our mobile phones, our home broadband or at work via leased line broadband access. Many of which are either expensive or not fit for purpose.

So imagine you are sat at home and your home broadband is slow, buffering, dropping connection and basically sometimes available either late at night when everyone is in bed or early in the morning when nobody is up! Even then it takes an age to download content. I have even heard some people having to download on demand content overnight to watch it the next day… On demand?….

You then start investigating mobile broadband as its in the news a lot especially with 5G being released in the major cities of the UK as of last month. However we still may be 2 years away from 5G being accessible for day to day usage, especially in Rural areas.

So, you open your mobile phone or tablet, you run a speed test and you might have 1 maybe 2 bars of signal. Running a speed test then frustrates you even more as you may only get 2 or 3 meg download dependant on your location but in Rural Kent this is a norm.

But all is not lost, Fixmyline have been working tirelessly in the background to look at all potential options to deliver superfast broadband to your home or business. We have looked at AnnexM, Satellite Broadband and mobile tethering but those solutions aren’t a suitable replacement for fixed line services.

We can however advise that there are solutions available to you now which will deliver fibre like speeds whether fixed line services are available or not.

For instance, in the below picture you can see 2 speed test results, one in the background which is my PC, and in front of that is my tablet both on Cellular LTE broadband.

My Samsung tablet has a SIM inserted and is picking up a signal from the local cell tower inside my home and the speed is rubbish, 1.52meg

The PC in the background is connected to my high gain antenna, situated in my loft, connecting to the same local cell tower , connected via cable to my indoor dual band router and I can get 38.8mbps down and 26.06 up. This is a bad day, only yesterday I was getting 50mbps down and 30mbps up.

But speed is dependant on many factors such as home usage and mobile mast usage so like traditional broadband it has its highs and lows relative to peak and off peak usage. However one redeeming factor is that the upstream speed always outperforms that of fibre to the cabinet services. So if you use cloud services you will see a marked improvement in broadband performance as a direct result.

I think that this is now a serious competitor to fixed line services, I am using this solution daily at home and have cancelled my fixed line services. My family are streaming Netflix, YouTube, facebook, using VoIP and WiFi calling so if you want to make the switch give us a call on 01322 761 051 or email and we can offer you a free survey/demonstration so you can see first hand what superfast speeds you will be able to get via this amazing solution.

From order to delivery in as little as 5 working days. If you are applying for a Government subsidy you may need to add on 2 or 3 more days while various checks are carried out, please visit my Better Broadband Scheme Blog for more details

Better Broadband Scheme

More details available on our 4G broadband page.


4G broadband on a construction site in Leighton Buzzard

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