On Thursday 30th May under the backdrop of London’s Tower Bridge EE launched the UK’s first 5G mobile network headlined by rapper Stormzy.

Unfortunately the glitz either equals big bucks or a low data offering, and in addition that also requires a brand new handset. With the Samsung S10 5G, One PLus Pro 5G, Huawei MateX ot LGV50 to name a few you will be shelling out your hard earned cash to be ahead of the curve.

Another caveat will be with where you live if you intend to reap the full 5G benefit, currently only Belfast, Cardiff, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester and London will be the only areas where you may get 5G.

Monthly plan wise, the cheapest will be £54 per month after you cough up £170 upfront for your compatible device and with a measly 10GB of data you will rattle through that in no time. The next plan I have been made aware of is 30GB of data on a Samsung S10 5G and that’s £79 per month, obviously there will be larger data plans available.

So the future is here, 5G is on, and we can now sit back and await Vodafone’s offering in the coming weeks. Exciting times ahead, but for me I am hoping that prices of 4G will really start to rival fixed line fibre broadband services and then the real battle will commence.

With reference to my blog title, this was Oasis 3rd studio album titled Be Here Now. Released in 1997 when the average national internet speed was via a 56kbps modem.

To download that album in 1997 would have taken you 2 hours!. I’d rather a walk up to the local Our Price Records, read the album sleeve on the way back, play the album all within the time it would have taken to download. I actually did that!

anyway, back to the purpose if the blog ….Over a 4G connection this album takes just 5 seconds to download and over 5G the download calculator offered a zero figure! ….Instant!

Broadband speed over mobile connectivity, It’s Getting Better Man!, D’You Know what I mean?….

Yeah Yeah!

Check out the download calculator and see how long your connection should take to download content https://www.download-time.com/

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