Do you have a Wi-Fi Not Spot – Somewhere in your home or business which does not get a Wi-Fi Signal from your router. Well read on and we can provide you a simple solution to your problem.

Just a few weeks ago a friend of mine was asking me what I did for a living – then I had to think of the pencil pitch as I hadn’t been running my own business for that long. It consisted of me rambling on about telecoms, routers, broadband, VoIP and Wi-Fi which is where I generally get the blank expression look on people’s faces. Most of us don’t pay an awful lot of attention to our broadband or Wi-Fi until it goes wrong so unsurprisingly it’s not a subject we all encounter on a regular basis.

But that was exactly the issue here, there was a ‘problem’ as they were discussing moving providers because their Wi-Fi was bad and Netflix was forever buffering.

So my ears prick up and I start my natural pencil pitch – I always advise to never jump the gun with switching suppliers as a result of poor performance because there is always something that can be done. Be it with discussing the problem in the first instance with the CP (Communications Provider) and then performing basic troubleshooting methods like switching the router off then switching it on again. By performing this task the router scans the wireless airwaves for the least congested wifi channel and selects the best one, which can resolve a lot of slow wifi or intermittent WiFi issues. Secondly maybe try adjusting the router, turn it 45 degrees and retest your speed then another 45 degrees because some cheaper routers only have one antenna so the signal is usually transmitted in a linear fashion so you just need to find the sweet spot.

However, in this instance the router was at the very front of the property – a Victorian house with solid walls so there was little or no Wi-Fi at the back of the house or the rear bedrooms on the first floor. I said move the router to the lounge area which was located smack bang in the middle of the house. They said ‘can you do that?’ I said yes…

Upon further investigation there was a socket in the lounge so all I did was rewire the master socket in the front of the house so that the telephone socket in the middle of the house became the master socket the router connects to. And that was it. All rooms in the house now get Wi-Fi, which even stretches out into the garden! And the back bedroom on the 1st floor has Wi-Fi for the first time ever…Not forgetting Netflix… There is not a buffering wheel of misfortune to be seen since the router relocation.

Even if there is no socket in another room within your property we can fit one or relocate your existing socket so don’t go changing providers until you give Fixmyline a call. We are good listeners and are also great at coming up with innovative solutions to resolve your Broadband or Wi-Fi woes.

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Make your not spot a hot spot!

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