So here we are at the start of another year and many of us are still suffering with poor WiFi or slow broadband speed in general.

Well your worries are about to be alleviated because Fixmyline are here to bridge the gap between the service provider (BT, Sky, EE, Talk Talk, Plusnet etc…) and you the consumer.

Have you spoken to your service provider only to be told that your line is working fine and there are no issues? Do you then get asked to locate your master telephone socket and run numerous tests, its a pain isn’t it. Then after all the frustration, if the line tests ok you get read a statement that if the fault is internal you will be charged so you just put up with it for another 12 months…

Fixmyline can quickly identify internal wiring problems or WiFi issues and offer a comprehensive solution to get your broadband firing on all cylinders.

Here are some of the causes of slow speed issues

Degraded wiring

Too many telephone sockets

Star Wiring (where your main line feeds other sockets before it enters the master socket)

Unfiltered Alarm (if you have an alarm that calls a control centre or calls your mobile using your landline as a result of an intrusion this can severely impact your speed)

Unfiltered telephone sockets

Incorrectly wired ADSL filters (first thing first – if you use ADSL filters then every telephone socket must have one and must be plugged in before anything else) Damp or damaged master sockets – if your Telephone socket is located near the front door, heat and cold can cause a moisture build up which then corrodes the internal mechanisms which can lead to short circuits which will over time slow down your broadband then eventually stop your line from working altogether.

The list goes on but if you suspect any of the above please do not hesitate to call us on 01322761051 or email

Or head over to where you can find out what services we can offer you.

Please note that we do not charge for advice, so if you want to give us a call to discuss a potential issue we will gladly help with no obligation.


Wishing you all a Happy New Year for 2019.

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