Fixmyline can relocate your master telephone socket to any part of your home or business. In this case study we will detail the customers scope and the simple process of the relocation.

Our client was extending the full width and height at the rear of their property and the telephone cable was in the way.

In this instance the overhead cable from the telegraph pole unusually connected to the customers house at the rear of the property. The cable was tacked to the eaves and then into the downstairs single story extension.
The task at hand was to relocate the master socket to the front of the property. After offering various options for the location of the cable, the customer wanted the cable to be pulled back, tacked down from the top of the house to just above the damp course, along and then into the front hallway. This was mainly due to time considerations because if we had to tack it to the eaves along to the front of the house there would have been multiple ladder climbs to tack along in sections and to simply bring it down and cleat it at ground level reduced the time on site.

So the task was set, to pull back the cable to where the overhead cable connected to the property

Then all we had to do was cleat the cable down, then cleat it along towards the front of the property ready to drill a fresh hole into the hallway area and present the cable into the newly positioned telephone socket.
The cable ran just under the copper gas pipe, then up into the hallway as seen in the above picture.
The other side of the external wall we positioned the telephone socket directly over the incoming cable so there was no visibility of the cable and a nice neat socket relocation.

So, if you need a socket relocation as a result of home renovations, or to help with your WiFi experience placing your router in a more central location, then give us a call for a no obligation discussion to review your requirement.

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