Connecting buildings with WiFi that are not connected to your property may seem problematic. But take away the stress with a wireless point to point link. All thats required is a line of sight and you can beam your home broadband up to 5km away! Now that’s great for farm buildings, pan campus outbuildings or even a simple 50m or 100m hop to the out house this solution is perfect.

Today my client needed his redeveloped garage to have superfast broadband and called upon fixmyline to deliver the goods.

A simple pre survey was all that was needed and we came up with this effective and speed optimising solution.

These weatherproof devices neatly attach to the side of your building and utilising power over Ethernet only require one cable run per device.

Once the devices are configured in access mode and client mode the connection is made and solution delivered.

We simply plugged in a WiFi access point in the garage and our customer was able to get the same speed as if he was sitting right next to his home router.

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